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Bioeconomy covers sectors relying on renewable biological resources, such as raw materials from forestry or agriculture and fish stocks. Sustainable resource management is an important part of bioeconomy and involves maintenance of natural resources at sustainable levels to keep the resources renewable in the future.

The Nordic statistics database on bioeconomy includes data on agriculture, fishery and forestry.


Fishery covers statistics on sea-fishing and fish farming. Different aspects of the fishing industry such as species caught, annual catches, fishing areas and fishing fleets are included. On an annual basis Norway catches the most fish, followed by Iceland.

Source: Nordic statistics database, FISH11

The figure displays total sea-fishing in terms of annual catches in thousand tonnes, by country and time.


Agriculture covers statistics from the agricultural sector such as arable land, crop production and crop yield. It also includes statistics on the extent of organic farming. Ă…land has the highest percentage of arable land used for organic farming. t

Source: Nordic statistics database, OEKO01

The figure displays the percentage of total utilised agricultural area being used for organic farming, by country and time.


Forestry covers statistics on forest felling and wood production. Sweden and Finland are the main Nordic producers of industrial roundwood.

Source: Nordic statistics database, FORE07

The figure displays production of industrial roundwood in thousand cubic metres, by country and time.