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The Nordic statistics database on business includes data on tourism, transport, and structural business statistics.

Structural business statistics

Structural business statistics covers statistics on enterprises and employees within various business sectors. Seasonal fluctuations can be observed for all countries.

Source: Nordic statistics database, ENTP03

The figure displays quarterly index data on the number of new enterprise creations, by country and time.


Tourism covers statistics on the number of available hotel beds and guest nights spent in each country. Sweden has the largest number of registered guest nights. A substantial pandemic-effect was seen in all countries 2020. Note that definitions may differ.

Source: Nordic statistics database, TOUR03

The figure displays the number of guest nights spent in hotels, by country and time.


Transport covers statistics on motor vehicles in traffic. The number of passenger cars have increased in the Nordic countries over time. Note that numbers for Finland and Åland include vehicles not in traffic.

Source: Nordic statistics database, TRSP01

The figure displays the number of passenger cars per 100 000 inhabitants, by country and time.