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Health covers statistics on activity limitations, work absence, causes of death and life expectancy.

More health statistics can be retrieved from the Nordic Health & Welfare Statistics (NHWStat) database The NHWStat database contains comparable health and social statistics for the Nordic countries. This includes a wide range of statistics on health, welfare, populations, life situations and expenditures. 

The NHWStat database and associated website is managed by the Nordic Medico-Statistical Committee (NOMESCO) and the Nordic Social Statistical Committee (NOSOSCO) under the Nordic Council of Ministers. More information about the committees and their work can be found here.

Activity limitations

Activity limitations covers statistics on various degrees of self-perceived restrictions in daily activities caused by health problems. The percentage of the population over the age of 16 years with severe self-perceived activity limitations are lowest in Sweden. 

Source: Nordic statistics database, HEAL20

The figure displays the percentage with severe self-perceived activity limitations, by country and time.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy covers statistics on life expectancies for men and women at different ages. Life expectancy implies the average number of years that a person of a given age can expect to live, assuming that age-specific mortality rates remain constant. The life expectancy at birth have increased in all countries over time.

Source: Nordic statistics database, LIFE01

The figure displays the life expectancy at birth, by country and time.