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The economy section in the Nordic statistics database covers data on economic structure, foreign direct investment and national accounts.

National accounts

National accounts covers a wide range of statistics linked to each country’s economic activity and development. This includes gross domestic product (GDP), import, export, employment and household consumption expenditures. Sweden has the highest inflation adjusted GDP. The effect of the financial crisis in 2009 and the first year of the pandemic 2020 is seen in most of the Nordic countries.

Source: Nordic statistics database, NAAC01

The figure displays GDP as chain linked volumes and thereby adjusted for inflation, measured in million euro, by country and time.

Economic key figures

Economic key figures covers economic statistics for the Nordic countries. This includes unemployment, inflation rates, interest rates and economic growth. The interest rates have decreased in the Nordic countries during the past 30 years.

Source: Nordic statistics database, KEY01

The figure displays interest rate by country and time.

Foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment covers statistics on transactions and accumulated value of foreign direct investments, both outward investments made by the reporting country abroad, as well as inward investments made by foreign countries. The largest accumulated value of inward foreign investments is seen in Sweden. 

Source: Nordic statistics database, FODI01

The figure displays accumulated value of foreign direct investments made by foreign countries to the Nordic countries, presented as percentage of GDP, by country and time.