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Labour market

The Nordic statistics database on labour market contains data on employment, unemployment and cross-border commuting.


Employment covers statistics on employers, employees, type of industry, gender balances and labour market segregation. All Nordic countries report higher employment rates than the EU average.

Source: Nordic statistics database, WORK02

The figure displays the employment rate, by country and time.


Unemployment covers statistics on unemployment rates, inactive population and individuals activated in various job training programs. The unemployment rates increased in all countries in 2009 after the financial crisis and in the first pandemic year 2020.

Source: Nordic statistics database, WORK02

The figure displays the unemployment rate, by country and time.


Commuting covers statistics on cross-border commuters by various indicators such as region of residence, sex, age, education and industry of occupation. Cross-border commuting is an important indicator for the labour market. It is also an indicator of the project Our Vision 2030. It is more common for Swedes cross-border commute to Denmark then vice versa. Break in time series: 2015 due to new method based on register data.

Source: Nordic statistics database, COMP53

The figure displays the number of people who cross-border commute between Denmark and Sweden in the ├śresund Region.