June update


An update of the Nordic Statistics database has been performed today. 

Some examples of what has been added:

Voter turnout in the election to the European Parliament, for three of the five relevant countries/regions. Please find the updated matrix here. More on this, specifically voter turnout for Åland and the EU, and number of elected candidates for all countries, should be available by the next update.

Q1 2024 values for Employment, NEET and Economic growth have been added in matrix KEY02 and for Share of temporary employees in LABO10. In matrix KEY03, April values on Unemployment, Inflation, Import and Export are almost complete. Visualized data can be found in the dashboard on the Current economic state.

The matrices on Self-reported unmet needs for dental and medical examination, UNMT01 and UNMT02, now have full 2023 values.

POPU09, Population by degree of urbanization and POPU03, Population by marital status now have full 2024 values (January 1st).

The next update is planned for the end of August.