May update


An update of the Nordic Statistics database has been performed today. 

Some examples of what has been added:

KELA, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, have delivered 2023 values on Education abroad for all Nordic countries where data is available. Please find the updated matrices here. More on this in the next article, to be published by end of May.

A number of Vision 2030 indicator matrices under the area “A competitive Nordic region” also have 2023 values now, see for example COMP11 on Tertiary educational attainment, COMP13 on Adult participation in education and training, COMP21 on Employment and COMP51 on Intra-Nordic immigration.

Q4 2023 values for Consolidated gross debt and Net borrowing have been added in matrix KEY02. In matrix KEY03, February values on Import and Export have started to come in, as has March values on Unemployment and Inflation. Visualized data can be found in the dashboard on the Current economic state.

The next update is planned for end of June.